Focus on the production of powder metallurgy molding machines

Products are widely used in oil bearing, magnetic materials, cemented carbide tools, ceramics, auto parts and other industries


With industry-experienced design and R&D teams, we can tailor designs according to customer requirements and environmental characteristics to meet the actual needs of different sites.


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Professional powder metallurgy molding machine manufacturer

 Dongguan Yusheng Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.It is a professional powder metallurgy molding machine R&D and manufacturing enterprise. The current production models are 3 tons to 70 tons, which are widely used in oil-bearing bearings, magnetic materials, cemented carbide blades, functional ceramics, powder metallurgy structural parts and other industries. 

Powder metallurgy molding machine

The machine adopts a touch human-machine interface, convenient operation and setting of forming parameters, closed-loop control can monitor the running status of the equipment in real time, automatically alarm and stop and display the cause of the failure, without manual supervision, high automatic control ability of the press, effectively saving labor and benefiting Operators efficiently control production progress

Using a touch man-machine interface, convenient operation and setting of molding parameters

Centralized control, with three operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic

Reliable work, intuitive action, economical and practical


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