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20T, 35T, 70T, PKS series powder metallurgy forming fast machinereturn

Equipment characteristics introduction※This machine adopts touch man-machine interface, convenient operation and setting...

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Equipment characteristics introduction

※This machine adopts touch man-machine interface, convenient operation and setting of forming parameters, closed-loop control can monitor the running status of the equipment in real time, automatically alarm and shut down and display the cause of the failure, without manual supervision, high automatic control ability of the press, and effective labor saving. It is helpful for operators to efficiently control the production progress.

※The clutch is a combination of pneumatic clutch and brake, with short power switching time and high stopping angle accuracy, which can be controlled within ±0.5°.

※The lubrication method of the machine is internal circulation pressure lubrication (except for the mold base, the mold base guide post lubrication method: manual grease injection, and NOK dust seals are installed on the copper sleeve of the mold base to effectively prevent dust from entering the guide post and guide sleeve matching gap Reduce wear), and monitor the lubrication conditions of the machine. Dust cannot enter the inside of the equipment and does not require manual maintenance. It is helpful to improve the accuracy and stability of the product, and effectively avoids damage due to negligent maintenance.

※The pressing method adopts the principle of middle mold floating and fixed demolding position, which can realize three non-simultaneous pressures, and the upper and lower density of the product can be divided and adjusted conveniently.

※This machine adopts a mechanical load meter, which can set the upper and lower limit pressures. If the number exceeds the set value, it will alarm and stop.

※Three-color light visual management: the green light is on during normal production, the alarm signal is on orange, the red light is on when the machine is stopped, and the power is off.


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